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June 12, 2009
Golden opportunities in dancing ignored


Editor: “There’re no opportunities in St. Vincent,” I hear people moan all the time. Oh really?

Recently, some Vincentian dancers were given a chance to earn a little money, possibly get exposure throughout the Caribbean, and also have an impressive work experience to add to their dance curriculum vitae. They ignored this golden opportunity.{{more}}

In most parts of the world, paying jobs in the arts – both visual and performing – are highly competitive fields.

Because of this, most people’s love for painting, acting, singing, etc., remains a hobby.

It’s a rare gift from the Universe when we can earn money from doing what we feel passionate about.

A new multi-national company has set up business in St. Vincent. It provides income for many Vincentians of diverse skills and interests (for example, fruit growers), and it wants to do the same in another field – dancing – to help promote its product.

There’s a lot of talent in St. Vincent, so another audition will be announced soon. Dancers, please don’t ignore it. If you meet a few requirements (e.g., you must be at least 21 years old), the management’s critique and selection will be based solely on the maturity of your dancing skills and attitude.

If suitable dancers can’t be found in St. Vincent, they will be sought from outside the country. And if that happens, won’t that be a waste of our own resources, and a poor reflection of the state of dance in SVG?

Pam Ratti