Our Readers' Opinions
April 30, 2009
Stay strong, brother Dennie


Editor: I was deeply saddened as I read of the death and subsequent burial of young Peter Dennie in your issues of February 6th and 13th.

I did not know this young man because of his age. I migrated from St. Vincent and the Grenadines 28 years ago.{{more}} However, I know his parents, Amos and Gloria Dennie, very well – these are very good people.

In my formative years, Amos was like a big brother to me. I had left the comfort of parents, siblings and friends in Troumaca to work in Kingstown, and there I got to know Amos Dennie. I frequented the Dennie home and often worshipped with them at the Green Hill Evangelical Church, where Mr. Dennie was pastor, and it is an experience that has helped me so much later in life.

I am, therefore, not surprised that he continued to reach out to the youth of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I can still remember his words of encouragement and his wise counsel at a time I need them.

This is really who Amos Dennie is. He has a strong will and a profound faith in God. Even so, having to bury his youngest child must be one of the most difficult experiences of his life. If nothing else, this family needs all of our love and support – I pledge that sincerely.

I urge my brother to be strong and steadfast. If young Dennie’s death was a homicide, I echo the feeling of his father as regards the death penalty. It will not be a deterrent if it is not being initialized.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has an economy based on Tourism. There is so much at stake. The breathtaking beauty of our country alone cannot do it.

The Authorities need to enforce the law – anything less will be at our peril.

Ken Wyllie (USA)