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March 20, 2009
SVG is really Home of the Blessed


Editor: It was the morning of Sunday, 22nd February, 2009, on board the Ocean Village, that we docked in Kingstown. We were only allowed to dock at short notice because of the goodwill of the port authorities, because we had been diverted due to civil unrest on another Island (I have forgotten which one it was).{{more}}

The sun was shining, and we walked through the reception hall with all its tourist shops and the little girls doing local dances.

At this time I felt a calling to join in worship, but the other members of my group were not interested, so I set off alone.

Time was getting on for 11 am, so I was aware I might miss out, so I was stepping it out, when, due to my bi-focal spectacles and a little jog to miss traffic, I crashed into a rather high pavement and came crashing down, knocking my head and getting rather shaken. I got to my feet and a few cars stopped to see if I was alright. One guy offered to take me to hospital, which I declined. I had not got my Travel Insurance with me and not enough money to pay for treatment.

I continued on and saw a group of people with Bibles, and asked them if they were going to worship. They said they had just concluded.

I carried on and saw a nice old lady carrying her Bible and asked her if she was going to Church. She said she was, and I asked her if I could go with her and she agreed. So we marched together to Zion, up Wilson Hill to the New Testament Church of God which was singing hymns to calypso music.

The congregation was really friendly and the leader asked for visitors to come forward, and I told them what had happened and that my hand was still bleeding.

Then a young lady called Brenda took me to the basement and patched me up. I met a few of the young people who seemed very interested in me, a white guy from Yorkshire. England. Although I am colour blind, there was not one little bit of prejudice in this Church.

Back up in the Church, this fine lady preacher was giving a sermon on jealousy, and it was true what she was saying.

The day was very hot and I was feeling rather faint, so I decided to walk back to the ship before the service ended. On walking away from the Church, Brenda pulled up in her car and gave me a lift back to the dock. I thanked her for her kindness and for putting her christianity into action.

I hope to re-visit one day, St Vincent land so Beautiful.

May Peace and Justice continue. God Bless!

Anthony Grierson