Our Readers' Opinions
March 13, 2009
NDP can give itself a fighting chance


Editor: The New Democratic Party has an uphill task of winning the next General Elections despite the many problems that have intensified in recent times. The increase in crimes and use of illegal drugs, the poor conditions of so many of our roads, the high cost of living and so many other things too numerous to mention.{{more}}

The NDP can however give itself a fighting chance if it ensures that the candidates that are selected by the few members of the various constituency councils reflect the desire of the large number of supporters who are not in party groups. This is where political commonsense comes in. There are some candidates who will be nominated by their constituency councils simply because the caretakers instruct them to, even with the knowledge that they losers.

Information coming to me indicates that the NDP will win with Monty Roberts in North Windward, Burton Williams in South Windward, Bernard Wyllie in Marriaqua and the peppersauce man Herbie Young in Central Leeward. These men have contested successfully before and have accomplished quite a lot in their constituencies and it seems obvious that will have an upper hand according to feedback.

The NDP leadership and supporters, particularly those in party groups, must

come to grips with reality if it hopes to form the next government when the proverbial bell rings. This country is in urgent need of change and all that has to be done to ensure victory must be done. This maybe a good time to call on the vast experience of Sir James for advice.