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July 18, 2008
SVGTV must do more training with reporters


EDITOR: I think I speak for many Vincentians in saying that I am grateful for the service that SVGTV is providing us.

And, while the introduction of a teleprompter in recent times has increased the overall professional appearance of the station’s programmes, there is still much left to be done.{{more}}

Some of the deficiencies in SVGTV’s current affairs programmes became obvious during the “Sports Week” broadcast last Saturday.

During that broadcast, a “reporter” “interviewed” members of the national netball team who had just returned to the state after competing in a tournament overseas.

There were no introductions of the interviewees, that is, their names, positions they play and portfolio (captain, etc.).

The interviewer remained unknown to the viewer, and the reporter, whom I concluded was female because of the voice, held the microphone in front of the interviewees’ mouths throughout the interview.

In this way, the questions posed were barely audible to the viewers.

I have long concluded that it must be a living hell being differently-abled (“disabled”) in SVG. Among a plethora of challenges, hardly any building (including many government buildings) make provisions for wheelchair bound citizens.

And, as it relates to SVGTV in particular, it is time that the station makes provision for hearing impaired citizens by closed captioning its programmes.

Kenton X. Chance