Our Readers' Opinions
June 6, 2008
Keep up the good work


Editor: I just returned home from St. Vincent. It is still the best island in the Caribbean. Our eight-year-old enjoyed every bit of it. We visited a sad note, but we tried to make the most of it. Our dad passed, but he was ready to meet his master, and we respect his wishes.{{more}}

I think that the nurses at the Kingstown General Hospital need training in addressing the patients; also the head doctor at the Hospital, I would not mention his name.

To end on a brighter note, I was on time to see those first pieces going to Argyle for the new International Airport. It is such a great sight to see. We always had to stay off at all those other airports. KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT JOB!

One bad hospital visit will not make us change our thoughts about our birth country.

Vincy Overseas