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May 23, 2008
The effects of pornography can be very dangerous


Editor: The effects of pornography can be very dangerous. The reading of pornographic materials and watching of pornography should be discouraged by all means. For it will have a negative effect upon the minds and subsequently the actions of many of our young people.{{more}}

The famous serial killer, “Teddy Bundy” who raped and killed some twenty-two innocent young girls confessed that it was pornography that influenced his mind. Thankfully, before he was executed, he gave his heart to Lord and openly admitted his wrong and begged for forgiveness from the parents of the twenty-two young ladies.

It is sad that the emphasis today is not on the character of the person, but on sex and money when it comes to the choice of a partner. There is far too much unfaithfulness going on in our nation. The concern today is to look sexy, be sexy and of course have sex.

One would think that with the rise in HIV/AIDS cases, we as a people would be careful about our lifestyle and we would see a reduction in the sexual looseness and a turning to morality. Instead the figures for HIV/AIDS continue to rise. It therefore tells us that we are more sexually loose than ever before.

Pornography has become more popular and the minds have become looser. So how can we have a reduction in sexual crimes and teenage pregnancies plus unfaithfulness?

I therefore call upon us as a nation to get down on our knees and ask the Lord to help us and to fill our minds with his thoughts. Let us turn our hearts heavenward. Let us not be caught up in a pornographic world. For it can fill the mind with many sexual desires which can lead to a strong desire for sex. And so as a result we can become loose. We can find ourselves committing incest and rape just to name a few.

Thank you

Kennard King