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May 23, 2008
Dealing with crime from the root


EDITOR: The increase in crime in society, locally, regionally and internationally, continues to be a troubling and sad reality. While the criminologists may tirelessly study the causes, prevention, control and penal responses to crime, crime escalation pursues, namely murder. Among some of the causes listed by the experts are: unemployment, poverty, drugs, lack of recreational facilities.{{more}}

Governments all over the world are trying to employ various means to curb the crime situation, but in many cases their efforts are futile. Unless the root cause is identified, admitted, and unless the most effective solution is utilized, the situation will only get worse.

According to the Oxford Popular Dictionary and Thesaurus, crime is a serious offence or act that breaks a law. It should be noted that this definition is well in harmony with the Bible’s definition of sin. In 1John 3:4, sin is described as ‘the transgression of the law.’ It is sin in the mind or the carnal thoughts that bring forth acts of evil and violent anti-right intolerant behaviour such as thefts, lies, murders. Ultimately, as long as the source (mind) is not addressed, all endeavours will be useless.

This writer recognizes that we live in a pluralistic society where everyone, sadly so, does not adhere to the spiritually preserving principles of true apostolic Christianity. However, the laws of the land (which in many cases are a reflection of God’s laws) must carry serious penalties to protect its citizens, and nations must continue to seek solutions to crime prevention and control. In his program, ‘Escape for Thy Life’, 102fm TNT on the 5th February, 2007, Mr. Nyron Medina recommended some effective solutions to deal with crime. He advocated:

  • Set up training programs in all schools dealing with respect of the rights of man.
  • Encourage and support radio programs to educate the general public about rights.
  • Public floggings for certain crimes
  • Speedy execution of convicted murderers
  • Find a means of getting rid of the Privy Council’s evil influence
  • Invest in more services for better and more advanced training in handling crime.

Prior to giving the aforementioned solutions, Mr. Medina stated the causes of crimes which were:

  • Un conversion of the majority population
  • Uncontrollable passions of persons
  • Extreme lust for money
  • Extreme selfishness
  • Love for violence( promoted by movies and songs)
  • Disrespect for the rights of men
  • Increase in irreligiousness-turning away and hatred for God

One can clearly see that all the causes mentioned are as a result of the warped and sinfully deranged mind of man, without God, which is set on doing evil. This mind-set needs to be radically changed.

‘What is the church doing?’ This question is often trumpeted by many, sometimes desperate persons. The true church of Jesus Christ- those who keep the commandments of Jesus, by faith (Rev. 14:12) calls on all to turn from your wicked ways. Ask God to change you by placing His love in your mind which will cause you to keep His 10 commandments (law). Remember that sin is the transgression of God’s law which is equivalent to crime or law-breaking.

‘Pastors and religious leaders’ stop your useless talk about mega-revivals, marches, banquets, gospel explosion and gospel fest nonsense! Teach your congregation that the land is in such a terrible state of crime because men do not keep God’s Ten commandment- law by faith (Isaiah 24:1-5). Stop teaching that God’s law is abolished, mainly because you do not want to teach and keep the 4th Commandment which tells us to ‘Remember the 7th Day Sabbath (Saturday) to keep it holy…’(Exodus 20:8-10). Carefully read and understand the writings of the apostle Paul in which he tells us that grace establishes the law of God in our hearts. Stop making mockery of the grace of God to try to justify sin/crime. May God open your eyes to see the evil far reaching influence and effects of your erroneous teachings that you plant in the minds of your members. Take for example when you tell them God’s law has been abolished, how can you genuinely encourage them not to steal and murder? This is religious dishonesty! The same God who said do not lie is the same God who said to keep the Sabbath (see James 2: 10-12).

Oh, God, help us as a nation to be truly converted people, honest in all spheres of life-politics, economics… and religion. This will curb crime, for indeed ‘righteousness exalteth a nation but sin/crime is a reproach to any people.’

Ann- Marie John
[email protected]