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January 25, 2008
Eustace – the best thing to happen to the ULP?


Editor: As a supporter of the opposition New Democratic Party, I have to conclude that our political leader, Arnhim Eustace, is an asset to the Unity Labour Party. I cannot understand why he is making so many mistakes, and taking his party in the wrong direction.{{more}}

His performance in the budget exercise was poor, and then he led the party on a boycott of the House of Assembly on the final day, on a so-called poor ruling against Senator Cummings. But considering the robust response by the Prime Minister, I have to say that it’s a good thing that the opposition was not in the House.

During 2007, the performance of Eustace has been dismal, to say the least. His opposition to the VAT, his continued skepticism for the Education Revolution, his party’s march and protest rallies which had no effect, and the continued dis-respect shown by the host of the New Times programme, all indicate that there is an alarming decline in the leadership of the NDP, and the buck stops at the foot of Arnhim Eustace.

Currently, the party has no focus, no plan, just wandering from issue to issue. Two Saturdays ago, Keith Joseph, who must be one of their supporters, went to town on the NDP, and was critical of its Public Relations strategy. Well, Keith, for all his good intentions, is rather late. One of the Four P’s of marketing is Product.

Clearly, everyone must know by now that the leadership product of the NDP is terrible. It cannot be packaged and sold, and who will want to pay anything for it? Its time for Mr. Eustace, nice guy that he is, to bow out gracefully and take his exit. Once he stays around in the leadership, he will be regarded as being “the best thing to happen to the ULP since the Grand Beach Accord”.

Get out, Arnhim, please.