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November 23, 2007
Big up the bank clerk


Editor: I watched with a little curiosity and much disdain the recent Selmon Walters saga.{{more}}

I think too much attention has been paid to the poor man whom we have elevated to a demi-god. What did we expect him to do after we raised him that way? In our working lives, we wish only to emulate him, and without criticism.

I feel sorry for the poor man who let his tongue slip so carelessly in public. Many of us have the guile to have acted similarly, and then completely deny any knowledge of our misdeeds.

My heart reaches out to the poor Bank Clerk who was dislocated for taking proper action. Yet I haven’t heard a single commentator calling for him to get redress or compensation. Has the minister caused him undue and unnecessary hardship?

Some of us tread a very thorny road thanks to hypocrites who court our company and lick us with the guile of their forked tongues.

It is why SVG continues to wallow in the mess that mediocrity and cronyism have conferred on it. Truth is, we like it so.

We cry out only when our own backs feel the brutish harshness of the pauper ward.

Hypocrites would pray that death comes quickly and spare them that agony. But again only about the point death does hypocrites take time out to consider the wickedness they wrought on the just.

Ken Cato