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October 26, 2007

Minister Walters’ actions do not merit a resignation


Editor: I made myself a promise that I would not get involved in Minister Walters’ mess; that’s what I thought of it.

After I heard the Unity Labour Party defender Burns Bonadie defending Minister Walters’ behaviour, I found it strange that he chose to defend such behaviour, but when I read the editorial in Searchlight dated October 19, 2007, that made me change my mind.{{more}}

I think Minister Walters definitely put his foot in his mouth when he made the statement on both incidents. How I felt when I heard? Terrible! That the Minister who has responsibility for the Public Service operated with such arrogance – that’s not a good example.

Persons, including Mr. Eustace, are calling for Minister Walters to resign. I don’t think these incidents merit his resignation. So I accept his apology, but I don’t think that our Prime Minister should think because Minister Walters apologises that it should be the end. I’m hoping that our Prime Minister will discipline him by transferring him as Minister for the Public Service.

The people of South Central Windward will determine if he should continue to represent them with this kind of behaviour. Persons in South Central Windward are more disciplined than their representative demonstrated. I am convinced that they will ask for him to be changed; that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated.

I want to be associated with the editorial of Searchlight newspaper dated October 19. We expect something to be done by our Prime Minister, and very soon. Dr. Gonsalves is seeking damage control and closure. My advice to you, Sir, remove Minister Walters from that portfolio – that will demonstrate good governance and say who really is in charge.

Remember, it is Minister Walters who admitted that he failed. He should be removed.

Thank you Sir!
Kingsley DeFreitas