Our Readers' Opinions
September 14, 2007
Please give some consideration to your neighbours


Editor: Somewhere in West Kingstown, a river flowed towards the sea, some years ago. The water flowed 365 days per year, and there was an abundance of crayfish and other river creatures in it.{{more}}

In recent times, because of the cutting of trees, the water dried up, but flows abundantly in the rainy season. The Kingstown Board concreted the bottom and sides of this river, up to a certain point, and the water follows a course to the sea. The river flows through certain private properties and never had any man made obstruction until recently.

Recently, a professional purchased one of the properties through which the river flowed. His technical knowledge made him fill that portion of the river which flowed through his land with dirt and boulders.

The result of this professional’s rocket science is that in the rainy season, vast amounts of mud and heavy water flow through this property into the main road. Pedestrians are unable to walk through the silt and heavy water. Motor vehicular traffic, too, is obstructed, since large splashes of mud are thrown onto the sides of the vehicles.

The situation was reported to the Health Department about a year ago, and the officials promised to address the matter. To date, we have seen no action.

The residents in the area appeal to this inconsiderate professional or the authorities to do something about the situation, soon.

Tony P