Our Readers' Opinions
September 14, 2007

Ole George, Butcher should be recgonised


Editor: Often times we take our own for granted. We seldom recognize those who have made valuable contributions amongst us. I am referring to Mr. Earl “Ole George” Daniel and Joel Butcher.{{more}}

These two gentlemen have done this country proud, especially Earl ‘Ole George’ Daniel. Ole George has made his contribution in many ways, and both he and Butcher walked seven straight days this year, also last year and previous years.

These men have helped to put this country on the map and made Vincentians all over proud to be Vincentians. Yet it is sad that these men are not given much recognition. If they were living in another country they would be household names, national heroes and well off financially.

It baffles me to think how Joel Butcher who has performed such walking feat with Ole George can should still be struggling to have a good house. He should have been given the necessary assistance by Government and private sector to build a worthwhile house. Ole George should have been awarded goodwill ambassador status. The walking feat has helped to put this country on the map and has given this country recognition. He has done a lot for this country.

How do we expect him to be put in the Guinness Book of Records and we are not even recognizing his efforts. Come on, let’s do something better. One would hate to think that because these gentlemen may not be the party’s yes men, this is why they are not being fully recognized.

I think it is time we give recognizition where recognition is due, regardless of social status and political persuasion.

Thank you.
Kennard King