Our Readers' Opinions
August 31, 2007

Poor service from LIAT and Immigration


Editor: Our Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves seems to see what we don’t see in LIAT. Allowing LIAT to continue to fly is important to the people of the Caribbean getting from one country to another. I’m wondering if, by our Prime Minister putting more money into LIAT, whether Vincentians should demand better service from LIAT. Are we really benefiting more?{{more}}

Our Prime Minister describes LIAT’s service as sloppy and I agree with him. I’m working at the E.T. Joshua Airport as a TAXI Operator and hear persons complaining about the service they receive from LIAT such as: when they go to the agent to find out about flying time, there is never any answer; nobody answers the phone number 458-4841; bags are always left behind; why is airfare so expensive? When you ask, you are told, “ask Gonsalves!” Comments like these are always made. You are then given an attitude. Why should we put up with this kind of treatment from LIAT? Is it because we can’t do better? It seems nobody cares!

Are we better served by one airline? I’m hoping that very shortly we will see an improved service from LIAT. Prime Minister Gonsalves said he spoke to the CEO of LIAT, but I can’t remember him saying that we would get better service from LIAT. “We are looking for better service from LIAT.” LIAT is creating problems for our tourism sector; every sector is being affected by LIAT’s poor service. Something needs to be done, I’m hoping that someone will do a survey and prove me wrong.

It was said by former Prime Minister Sir James, “When one comes to our country and has a SVG passport, Immigration should not ask how long they are staying.” I notice that there are new staff members in the Immigration Department. Persons who come to our country are complaining about poor service they are getting at our port of entry especially at E.T. Joshua Airport. Are these persons who are working at the Immigration Department at the E.T. Joshua Airport trained? Who is responsible for training? I am suggesting that consideration be given to Mr. Burns Bonadie for training of these officers. Is an assessment made of these persons who are the first point of contact for people entering our country? I know we have to be very careful of who comes into our country, but, from the number of complaints I receive on a daily basis, there is need for much more attention to be paid to the Immigration Department and its personnel. Remember, it’s CSME and one single domestic space.

Customs next.

Kingsley DeFreitas