Our Readers' Opinions
July 6, 2007
SVG musicians need distribution network


Editor: I want to say congratulations to the SVG Music Industry (SVGMI), especially the artists and producers, for the excellent music that they have blessed the public with for 2007.

I think the effort to release many quality songs earlier than usual, instead of waiting until around Vincy Mas, was a fantastic and wise decision, because it gave the public an opportunity to digest and feel the quality in the songs.{{more}} To continue on this positive and forward progress, the SVGMI needs to have the music available to the public for purchase in a timely manner.

You do not want to go down a road where you have great music playing on the airwaves, yet no distribution readily available to the consumers for purchase. So there has to be a serious effort made to get the music packaged and ready so that consumers don’t have to wait until Vincy Mas or beyond to get their hands on your products.

This is the central frustration of people abroad, the lack of access to purchase Vincy music. It is instructive if the stakeholders in the Industry rectify this matter, sooner rather than later, because it is an important step in maximizing the profitability of your music.

The easiest and quickest way of reaching the public abroad is to have the music (compilation and individual CDs and DVDs) readily available on the Internet in a timely manner. So my suggestion is for the SVGMI to get on the ball by setting up a business operation dedicated to the purchasing and marketing of Vincy music and other products over the Web.

I am sure that whatever concerns that artists, producers, cultural exponents and other stakeholders have can be brainstormed remedied so that all parties can be on board to make this a successful and profitable Vincentian venture.

The ball is in your court.

Lance Davis