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July 6, 2007
Keep creativity alive, raise standard of Vincy Mas


Editor: As I reflect on carnival, I am left to ask if we are going forward or backward. On Monday night I went to Victoria Park to witness the preliminaries of the King and Queen of the Bands. Whilst there, I saw some nice costumes, some rough costumes and some things that could not be called costumes.{{more}}

Tops off to SVG Players for a superb King and Queen. Once again masquerader Jenilee Glasgow was dynamic in her execution of her costume. What I admire most about this lass is her enthusiasm and vibrant portrayals. It is her first time in the big yard competing in the Queen of the Bands and in my book she was number one. It is also admirable seeing her move on from Junior Queen of the band, to Individuals and now Queen. That is what I called working your way up the ranks.

Kevin Dickson had an impressive performance and a true representation that SVG Players is seeking to raise the standard of mas in SVG. Pilling, keep up the good work, you are a fantastic (and need I say) local designer.

Nelson Bloc … I am almost speechless here. For the likes of me, why was a headless bird sent to compete in the Queen Competition? This is certainly not the standard a band with such proven track record is accustomed too.

High Voltage is no stranger to Mas by now and each year I see nothing but ROUGH MAS and I mean workmanship rough. Come on guys, let us strive for P in perfection, not P as in Pitiful. Raise the standard of the game!

Kudos to Bird, Melbourne, Wizards, Singer Lynx, Dragons and the band from Bequia. Let us keep the creativity alive for Vincy Mas.

Carnival To Me Bone!