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April 13, 2007
Was Adventist Pastor the right choice?


Editor: The PM, and I suppose the Minister of Foreign Affairs, sent a Pastor Steve Phillips to Toronto to serve as Consul General.

Problem is: one of the major aspects of the job requirement is to attend weekend functions such as those of the Vincentian Association and other SVG/Toronto groups, fund raisers, other OECS and Caricom functions, other Consular functions.{{more}} The Pastor cannot attend these functions because of Sabbath commitments. Essentially he cannot attend Friday nights and to a large extent Saturdays and Saturday night functions.

The Consul General is being paid a large salary (and we know how well these people are paid) for doing a part-time job. Who would have made this decision? No consultation with the stakeholder, community, no research.

I guess it was: “I like this man…send him to Canada.”

The silly season continues in SVG!!

Vincentian in Canada