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April 5, 2007
NDP shows no respect for lives lost at Rabacca


Editor: I have to say that I am really taken aback at the attitude of the opposition New Democratic Party, to the opening of the Rabacca Bridge. The lack of respect and the clear intent to use politics to discredit the efforts of the government in this exercise is further evidence why the NDP is not fit to return to government to run this country.{{more}}

Clearly, there are those in the NDP who are not aware of the history of the problems suffered by those persons who lived above the Dry River, before the bridge. Clearly there is a lack of appreciation for the inconvenience that these persons experienced over the years.

Are there persons in the NDP whose loved ones perished during the history of the Rabacca crossing? The answer has to be, No. How else can anyone explain the backwardness of this party, and the consistent attempt to mislead Vincentians.

Politics aside, there are basic social and economic reasons why the construction of the Rabacca Bridge makes plenty good sense. Even if the ULP administration makes political capital of the event, there is nothing wrong with that. They are entitled to do so, since the ULP administration is the one with the foresight to construct the bridge. As they say, good policies lead to good politics for any government.

No wonder that over 40,000 Vincies journeyed to Rabacca to celebrate with ULP at the opening ceremony. That’s a worry for the NDP.

But the night is still young. If the crowd at Rabacca was big, wait until the ULP administration completes the cross country road, and the International Airport at Argyle. Then the crowd that will attend the opening ceremony, to see the first jet land at Argyle, and to see Comrade Ralph and a host of Vincies emerge from that aircraft, will be such that the ULP will be swept back into office for a third victorious term.

That is what the NDP is afraid of, but they need not worry. Vincentians have no intention of returning the NDP to government in the foreseeable future.

Yours respectfully