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March 2, 2007
We have this country to build


EDITOR: Someone asked me why I always write about Dr. Gonsalves. My answer to that was I always admire him as someone who struggles for people in the Caribbean. When I was younger I used to take time off to listen to him outside Gaymes Pharmacy; persons who I used to see there were Matthew Thomas, Dave Roberts and Renrick Rose, and from what I used to hear, the discussions were of a very high standard.{{more}}

Some things I heard Dr. Gonsalves speak about were: when and if he ever became Prime Minister, things he would like to see change were – the Prime Ministers in these Caribbean countries have too much power; he also said that he will make sure that this country will not be so divided. But now that he is Prime Minister, things still remain the same. I always say Dr. Gonsalves’ heart is in the right place but he still needs to prove himself in making changes.

When I sit and reflect on Dr. Gonsalves, I am wondering what is happening to persons who I think were his friends. People like Matthew Thomas, Junior Bacchus, Dougie DeFreitas, Mr. Crichton, Dave Roberts and E.G. Lynch. You listen to these guys on a daily basis, and you wonder what’s wrong, or if it’s Dr. Gonsalves, his ULP and its policies they don’t like.

I refer to some persons as Ralph haters – I am not saying that these persons are Ralph haters, but Junior Bacchus might say so, because he thinks Dr. Gonsalves is responsible for him losing his job at East Caribbean Group of Companies. It is being said that our Prime Minister always criticizes persons, but doesn’t like to be criticized. Is that true? Some say it is because the persons I mentioned criticized the Prime Minister that’s why their friendships ended. Is that democracy? You could, but I can’t?

Our Country is suffering from persons who can’t put their political differences aside. We are being heard all over the world by way of the Internet and we have a responsibility to make sure that our comments are responsible while we have the right to voice our opinion. Comments coming from our Prime Minister should be more responsible and those who make comments about our Prime Minister should remember that he is the holder of the office of Prime Minister and more respect should be given to him.

Everybody complains that this country is so divided, every one of us has to try and make it a better place for one and all, and should start with both parties’ leaders. They demonstrate that they can lead and should lead from the front. Dr. Gonsalves once said ‘together now’, Mr. Eustace said ‘kinder and gentler society’, if we combine these two thoughts this country would be better off. Don’t you think so?

Besides what we are being fed, things are happening, so let’s build this country.

Kingsley DeFreitas