Our Readers' Opinions
February 23, 2007
Young people need positive role models


Editor, There is a serious lack of role models for our young people to admire and look up to. Of course there are many role models in our society, but we can never doubt the scarcity of role models.

Many of our talk show hosts and radio personalities have great influence on people, especially the young. Yet it is sad that only few are role models.

Many of our politicians, religious leaders, movie stars and singers are not role models.{{more}}

We need people who will offer positive influence on our young people. Many of our people are led astray by what they see on television and hear on radio. Often times the messages sent from these medium are negative.

Sometimes the messages from the media are that you have to use a weapon to solve problems and prove yourself a man. You must be sexually active to be recognized as a person. It is sad that people who are supposed to be role models and leaders, display some of these acts.

Then how can our young people be guided? Sometimes for a lady to receive a favor or promotion she has to sell her body. How sad. This is seen as the norm; The talk show hosts and politicians talk so much untruth, propaganda and hatred. Then no wonder our young people are led to believe that this is the way to go. Then where are the role models in our society?

Thankfully all is not lost. There are still many persons of good character who many persons look up to and are influenced by. But we need more role models in our society.

I therefore call upon the media personnel, leaders and people of influence to become good examples in society and demonstrate responsibleness and love to all.

Only then can we have a good society where peace reigns and progress is made.

Kennard King