Our Readers' Opinions
February 23, 2007

More support for Pam Barbour


Editor: We would like to join Paul Lowman in his support for Pam Barbour as SVG Honorary Consul in Jamaica.

During my six years of living and working in Jamaica, Pam was a tower of strength to me, she was able to provide guidance and much needed support and truly performed a big sister role in many situations.{{more}}

Ours was a family friendship that began more than 20 years ago with Pam and my mother taking turns to pick up our little brothers from Petersville School. She and I continued this friendship in Jamaica amidst our busy schedules and constant travelling.

She won the heart of my husband at their very first meeting and they struck up an enduring friendship. Even with our move to the UK we still keep in regular contact. During the planning of and preparation for my wedding, Pam was at the forefront, with her usual dedication and well heeded advice. She also performed the role of my Maid of Honour beautifully, and made my Mom’s visit to Jamaica one to remember.

While I may not have benefited from her love and support directly as a student in Jamaica, I have benefited significantly from her support in various other capacities.

Yes this little Vincentian lady deserves elevation and my husband and I also in our humble capacities add our voice in support.

As my husband would say in his Jamaica dialect “SHE SMALL BUT SHE TALLAWAH.”

Herbert Riley and Jacqui Tannis Riley