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February 9, 2007
Woman at Layou an embarrassment


EDITOR: It is with great embarrassment and hurt that I am writing this letter about an incident which occurred at the Layou Playing Field on February 1, 2007 where sports was being held.

I was born in Layou, migrated, and have returned to my hometown. That said day, I witnessed an incident where the teacher was seated on the park during the luncheon interval when a rasta lady came up to her and started abusing her verbally. I was appalled at the obscenities and the slanderous words which came from that lady as she abused the teacher in front of parents and children who just stared in amazement. She ranted and raved for over half an hour while during that time that teacher just held her cool.{{more}}

I must commend that teacher because even if she was humiliated in front of the school children and parents she did not respond. To crown it all that Rasta lady lifted her skirt in the air and exposed her black underwear as the boys and girls looked on.

As a concerned citizen and resident, I must say that I am very disappointed with that lady who really displayed her ignorance and should have conducted herself properly, because the children are the future of tomorrow and what example are we showing them.

The question being asked is “what next?” as the lady promised to beat the teacher and throw acid on her. Can teachers really go the extra mile for children these days when we have parents like those? I think not.

I am quite certain that that parent did not achieve her goal and is feeling quite ashamed.

Concerned Citizen