Our Readers' Opinions
January 26, 2007

Open letter to the Prime Minister


Hon. Dr. Ralph E. Gonsalves
Prime Minister
St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Good morning and warmest greetings to you my dear Comrade Prime Minister.

It is a long while since I last sent you a letter because, as you know, I have not been enjoying good health during the past two years. I am now in my 80th year and living quietly. However, I am forced to pick up my pen to express my sincere congratulations on the Windward Highway, the roads are a treat to travel on – Byera Tunnel is all I have hoped for since I was a little girl. Most of all “Rabacca Dry River Bridge” as I stood on the Bridge and looked around I was spellbound, speechless! Never in my lifetime did I expect to see this magnitude of construction in our country.{{more}} It is hard to express my feeling of wonder, joy and sincere appreciation – I spent most of my childhood at Owia and so I know at first hand the trials of living “over the river” and of being stranded “when the river came down” – the hardships experienced by farmers to get their produce across the River and go to market and also of children attending school in Georgetown and Kingstown. As I stood on the Bridge I said a prayer of thanksgiving and too I prayed that the good Lord will continue to bless, guide and protect you.

I must thank my good friends, Bob and Noreen Haydock, who made my visit possible.

Before I conclude I do wish to tell you that I visited, some days ago, the Buccament Development. I am enchanted with the wee cottages and look forward to seeing it take on. We went as far as Belle Isle Hill, having heard so much adverse criticism of both the Prison Facility and the CWSA Disposal Unit, I was indeed amazed and pleased to see for myself how untrue and unfair these accusations are. To end I send congrats to Sir Louis on the Layou Waterfront and Esplanade, the best of its kind that I have seen in the West Indies.

When I listened to your Budget Speech I have to admit that I was somewhat alarmed at the National Debt, but after my visit to the Windward and Leeward all my fears are at rest. Continue your wonderful work – God Bless You!

Shirley Squire (Mrs)