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January 26, 2007

Oh! That dreadful cemetery


EDITOR: I came from the U.S.A to visit my husband’s grave, when I got to the cemetery I was surprised to see how tall the grass was, all the graves and tombs were covered with grass and could not be seen.

I could not believe what I saw especially at this Christmas season. I know that they are deceased but why should they be treated that way? Isn’t there any one to supervise the cemetery?{{more}}

I saw people digging graves. Can’t they clean the cemetery? A man had to open a path through the grass for me to go to my husband’s grave, to get out I had to hold on to my niece.

I went back New Year’s Eve, the cemetery was the same way. That’s a disgrace. I am very hurt. I don’t think any of you ever had a deceased LOVED ONE.

Teresa DeFreitas