Our Readers' Opinions
January 26, 2007
Is CDC really serious?


EDITOR: The stated intention by the CDC to hold public consultations on Vinci Mas is the correct enunciated position. However, have we had these public consultations as yet? If so, were they well promoted and advertised to the public? If not, when will these consultations begin? My only interest in writing on this issue is really to ensure that the rhythm of the festival is being composed and scored with the valued input from all festival lovers, Vincentians at home and in the diaspora, regardless of their cultural, social, religious and political disposition.{{more}}

I humbly suggest that the Carnival Development Corporation must take on a more proactive role in developmental aspect of its components. One gets the impression that the C.D.C is too “show oriented” and see the shows as its principal objective. The C.D.C gives an impression of an organisation that is still too seasonal in its operations. I want to see calypso, pan, mass, soca and music bands in C.D.C organized events all year. The quick fit perception and the import mentality is NOT conducive to the human resource development of components in “Vinci Mas”.

Therefore, to cut back on the import bill, to create greater professionalism among all players and to help the diversification process in a primarily service biased festival, more emphasis must be based on training, advocacy and performance employment through merit. I will therefore, like to forward some aspects I think if targeted can make our festival a true authentic summer festival.

1) Make representation to the relevant authorities so as to create tax incentives, VAT exemptions, grants and soft loans from state agencies to help:

a. Musicians and Performers
b. Recording Studios
c. Creative Artistes
d. Carnival Component Entrepreneurs

2) Liaise with the Ministry of Culture who historically has focused their energies on the non-profit aspects of the arts, neglecting the commercial components that create wealth. This perceived approach MUST be scrutinized and broadened to involve commercial enterprise.

3) Broker a partnership with the broadcasting industry so as to counteract the blatant bias towards foreign music.

4) Do a situational audit of the technical skills of what entails in areas such as sound recording, engineering, lighting, stage management, and audio-visual. The results from the exercise should then be used to conduct training of personnel to better deliver services in these important implementation aspects of “Vincimas”.

5) Make a deliberate move to deliver Vincentian Carnival type shows in external markets as to:

a. Advertise “Vincimas”
b. Create employment and develop expertise for participants.

6) Make representation to ensure that young potential entertainers be employed (what now entails with young national sportsmen) by governmental or private agency so that they can perfect their trade before they move out on their own.

The above-mentioned thoughts even though they are biased towards the musical aspects of carnival can enhance this great festival, which has been growing from year to year. Let’s get the show on the road. We need all hands on stage.

Yours Respectfully,
John Zan George