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January 26, 2007

Christmas season is the time for giving?


EDITOR: It has been almost two weeks since Christmas has gone by and people are feeling the side effects of it. Some minds are still in holiday mode, others have a hangover but most of all, are short in the pocket.

It was the opportunity for the supermarkets to siphon off the $200.00 bonus that the Government granted to their civil servants and other employees who got a Christmas bonus.{{more}}

I have been listening to the vociferous views between the Government and NOBA about keeping bus fares constant but nobody is complaining about the supermarkets increasing prices by 20-25 percent over the Christmas season and offering a 5 percent discount.

This increase is exorbitant and very much in excess of inflation and any increase that we may get from our employers. All over the world, stores offer discounts at Christmas or early January. Are we going to see a reduction in price after Christmas? NO.

This has been going on for too long, the rich get richer and benefit from tax concessions/exemptions by placing all their assets in their company’s name and the poor could hardly make ends meet.

I’m glad I’m not a van owner because I would have seen my income fall by 150% (approx) over the past 20 years. Can you imagine earning $1000.00 a month in 1986 and you are still earning $1000.00 in 2007? Unheard of! – Well, only in St. Vincent.

I have a question for people with conscience, when are we going to place price control on food items and when are we going to let the van drivers feed their families?

Concerned consumer