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January 19, 2007

NDP, Green Party should join forces


EDITOR: Under Mitchell the NDP was strong, but since his departure it has seriously deteriorated. Eustace has lost two general elections and the NDP has lost much ground. Even though the NDP may think they are not weak, they are perceived as being weak and that is worse and hard to overcome. At this point in time, Eustace, as leader, must lead. If the NDP wants to give the ULP government a real ‘happy new year’, then the NDP should subsume itself into the framework of the Green Party, with O’Neal as leader and Eustace as deputy leader.{{more}} And then, bring in O’Neal and Graham as the two nominated senators.

Eustace won the NDP internal leadership challenge, but the NDP is heading for a third defeat in general elections. It needs change, the country needs change. Eustace must lead and take the bold step that needs to be taken and that the public wants. This ULP government is a disappointment, but the worse thing is, it is poor people yet again who are suffering the consequences most. With the NDP subsumed into the Green Party, SVG being a two-party state again, and O’Neal being the Leader of the Opposition, then the ULP government will get the proverbial ‘kick up the backside’ and hopefully then we’ll see progress in SVG. So, Eustace, be bold, do it for your country and do it for the poor.

Chris Ward