Our Readers' Opinions
December 8, 2006

‘I welcome message about sexual purity’


EDITOR: I must express my approval with Dr Douglas Slater’s remarks to some students about remaining sexually pure and focusing on being educated.

Indeed I am encouraged in hearing such advice from someone in his position. Too often we fail to deliver the message of sexual purity. No wonder there is a rise in HIV/AIDS in this country and the world at large. People are misled into thinking that you have to have sex to prove your love.{{more}} And with easily available condoms and the message of condoms, teenagers and others become comfortable in sexual promiscuity since they are of the opinion that they would not become pregnant or would not contract HIV/AIDS.

So the message of sexual purity seemed to many as outdated.

Television and advertising have played a role in influencing the mind that one must have sex. Many are pressured to have sex in order to be accepted with their peers.

I think the Church, HIV/AIDS Unit, community groups and parents have to join hands in conveying the right message about sexual activities. For we know that being sexually active before marriage can cause unfaithfulness in marriages and thus lead to unstable homes. No wonder there are so many broken homes.

While I welcome the message of sexual purity by the honourable minister, I just wonder, had this message been pushed earlier on and more often maybe we would not have had so many teenage mothers and HIV/AIDS infections. And had the church and the home communicated more the importance of being sexually pure and the dangers of sexual activities we would have avoided many of the hardships and problems we are now encountering.

However, let me add that it is not too late to bring home the message of sexual purity. For in doing so, we are saving this nation from economic hardship, crime and eternal damnation.

May God bless us all.

Thank you.

Kennard King