Our Readers' Opinions
September 29, 2006

Firms taking us for a ride

EDITOR: We, as customers are many times taken for a ride by companies with which we do business. Many companies have very little regard for their customers even their regular customers.

Imagine, the Caribbean Star has a frequent flyer card, yet for months no statement is issued concerning the mileage a person has received although he would have been submitting his used tickets.{{more}}

Every time the customer checks the agency there is no statement. To add insult to injury, that same customer who travels frequently with Caribbean Star, recently applied for a complimentary ticket about two weeks in advance of his traveling. The company had not the common courtesy to respond as to whether he was qualified or not. Thus the complimentary ticket was never issued and with no statement no one is certain as to whether they are qualified for a complimentary ticket or not.

Indeed we are being taken for a ride. That’s why we need to have other airlines flying from St Vincent and all the more reasons to have LIAT in the sky and for us to support the international airport. For then we would have more airlines to choose from.

As customers it is a known fact that we are being taken for a ride by COURTS. Some of their products malfunction shortly after purchase and even though the customer would have paid for an extended warranty, it takes a long time before it is dealt with. Sometimes to have his item dealt with in a reasonable time he has to constantly check with them.

I have known of a customer who had to return his item to COURTS and had to be constantly checking with them and was therefore seen as harassing them. When it was eventually ready he was not informed what was the problem nor could he get further information from management.

Are we really taken for a ride by COURTS since many persons normally return their items within a year of purchase? You cannot owe this company, they would call you shortly after the due date for payment and you end up paying late payment fees but when your item is defective it is not dealt with speedily and you suffer the inconvenience without compensation.

After all only the customers have to suffer loss, but not the companies. We are indeed taken for a ride many times by these big companies. I wish the time would come when these companies will receive heavy competition from other companies who are offering the same items with the same easy payment plan.

Kennard King