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September 22, 2006

ULP, NDP, and the truth

EDITOR: The political climate seems to be very good in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

My reason for saying so, the NDP held a political meeting at Sion Hill last Wednesday, they dealt with IMF, VINLEC, and the Produce and Commodity Act. All the issues they dealt with have already been dealt with by Mr Lynch the NDP mouth piece and Mr Burns Bonadie, the ULP defender. Both of them put their political party spin to these issues, did the country benefit from them? No!{{more}}

From what I have been hearing, persons in this country are still confused. Dr Gonsalves and his ULP are saying this act will benefit poor people. He also said IMF gave his government a good bill of health, things seem to be back to normal at VINLEC and persons who are talking about land lack information.

As a lecturer and a former practicing lawyer our Prime Minister always wanted things to go his way and now that he is prime minister, he seems to be bringing that style of management to the prime ministership.

The New Democratic Party believes that the ULP should replace the management team they found at VINLEC. The IMF report is neither here nor there. The NDP said that the Produce and Commodity Act will create unemployment so the act should be withdrawn because it will kill the private sector.

NDP is playing politics with the land issue, they used the Compulsory Acquisition Act to acquire private lands for development and to build an airport in Bequia, a Community College at Glen and the Leeward Highway.

So, if the Prime Minister and his government want to build an international airport and selling land is one way of getting money, Mr Prime Minister go right ahead do what you think is right. I am supporting you.

Please Prime Minister, Sir James brought Dr Rolla then he came back and said Rolla tricked him, make sure you don’t bring Rolla too. My advice to the NDP is let the Prime Minister govern the country; when the time is right the electorate will let us know whether he is a two term papa or 17 years like the NDP. It’s only nine months since the ULP was returned to office, NDP has four years to wait so don’t confuse us on the issues tell us the truth ULP and NDP.

Kingsley DeFreitas