Our Readers' Opinions
May 26, 2006

The importance of the Media


EDITOR: The media is very important to the development of our country, it keeps us informed of what is happening in our country and the rest of the world. In the newspaper the editorial is the most important part, it reflects media house views. Sometime ago Mrs. Ashford Peters was dismissed from the Vincentian Newspaper and I think it was justified because if one is Acting Editor and was told to pass their work by management before publication and refused to comply, that person should be fired.{{more}}

Some persons have been suggesting that the Prime Minister called the media house, if he did, I find nothing wrong with it once he maintained respect for their independence. The media should also respect the Prime Minister and the office he holds. Persons like Dr. Kenneth John, Daniel Cummings, Douggie Defreitas are always attacking him, and when Ashford Peters was fired from the Vincentian they suggested it was political and said that the Prime Minister was responsible.

The New Democratic Party is saying the newspaper is inclined to support the Prime Minister and his Government but what persons in the NDP should remember, is when Sir James was Prime Minister he hardly had Press Conferences and whenever he did he never answered any questions by the media.

Do you think the present leadership of the NDP is media friendly?

Mr. Frank DaSilva who showed interest as candidate in the last election, now is being asked on his program ‘Frankly Speaking’ to stop asking or attacking anything relating to NDP. Is this freedom of speech?

Persons like former minister Mr. Marcus De Freitas in the NDP seem to want to determine what is being said on Frank DaSilva’s program. When the Prime Minister said Nice Radio seemed to be NDP FM, like he was right because when persons call and question the policy of the NDP they get upset. Look out Frank!

Glenn Jackson would be remembered for what he did for talk show radio in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. His Shake-Up Program helped to educate, inform and entertain the nation and also helped to put the Unity Labour Party in office. A lot of persons benefited from that; I am hoping Shake-Up would live on because that is what Glenn would want. I noticed Winfield Williams is now hosting the Shake Up program, why was he asked to host the program? Is it because he is a former General Secretary of the Unity Labour Party? Mr. Williams said sometime ago only persons with intellectual ability should speak on topics on talk show radio. Persons who are not university graduates or intellectually inclined do not have anything to offer. Why were you dismissed from the Union Island Secondary School, is it because you don’t have a doctorate?

Please Mr. Williams this is not the way to go, put some common into your sense!

Kingsley DeFreitas