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May 5, 2006

Let us as a nation return to God


Editor: Before I get into my article let me on behalf of the Rose Bank Development Association (ROBDA) sincerely apologize to Mr. Akers of Troumaca for omitting his name as a sponsor for the National Heroes Day Marathon. It was an oversight. I do apologize to you, Sir. {{more}}

Much has been said about crimes. However if one has to examine the causes of crime and reasons for its increase not only here but in the world at large, one has to conclude that amongst the many reasons, two will stand out and they are: (1) turning away from God and (2) unstable families.

We claim to be a Christian nation, yet we wonder if we really are a Christian nation. Sundays are being used to have dances and other activities. There is no longer an interest in Sunday school and church anymore. The emphasis is on entertainment. Christ is left out of our lives.

Therefore how can we control our anger, frustration and desire.

Many persons have been brought up by a mother. They seldom ever knew their father. Divorce is one of the reasons for that; when it occurs the children are the ones who suffer most. They are unfulfilled and seek attention. So they get involved in immoral behaviour and life of drugs and crime. It is therefore important that fathers stand up to their responsibilities.

Also let us as a nation return to God. Divorce hurts. So let us by God’s help be faithful in marriage and save this nation.

Remember, the family is the backbone of the church and nation. When the family is weak, the church and the nation will be weak.

Kennard King