Our Readers' Opinions
April 13, 2006
Is left hand not sure of what right is doing?

Editor: Some recent events have made me begin to wonder what exactly is going on with the running of this country. We are about to become signatories to the Caricom Single Market, and many of our citizens are feeling a strong sense of uncertainty about the way forward. The last thing we want right now is to feel that our leaders themselves aren’t sure what they are doing.{{more}}

But consider the following: In a recent article in the Searchlight, the former Minister of National Security was quoted as saying that telephones have in fact been tapped, only to have the Prime Minister vehemently refute his statement a few days later. I am surprised that Sir Vincent hasn’t been charged with making a statement likely to cause public alarm. I know that I, for one, was very alarmed when I read the Searchlight report.

Then there is this: Just days after hearing the Prime Minister on radio saying that he is not satisfied with Texaco’s justification for an increase in LPG prices, we get the Deputy Prime Minister announcing, to the nation, Cabinet’s decision to raise the price of cooking gas. Now, a few days later the Prime Minister is once again on radio making statements that would suggest that Cabinet acted without his knowledge or approval.

In local parlance, we would say that it sounds like they are running a mauby shop. But I have a friend who actually runs a mauby shop, and to compare the recent actions of our leaders to his would be an insult to his professionalism.

Colin F. Huskinson