Our Readers' Opinions
March 24, 2006

Glenn Jackson was always the leader type

EDITOR: I was devastated to hear of the passing of Mr. Glenn Jackson. I was listening to the NBC RADIO on the net and was THUNDERSTRUCK when I heard the announcer say that the deputy prime minister/acting prime minister would be addressing the nation on the death of Mr. Glenn Jackson. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I knew Glenn for many years. We shared many good times together in the Cadet Corps as bandsmen, Glenn on the Saxophone and I on the trombone. He was the one who gave me a nickname which is only known within the Cadet circles. Glenn was always the leader type; he was a good mentor for us younger Cadets back then. He was a no-nonsense R.S.M. In that era, we were always part of a team “that made cadetting work.” Each time I visited St. Vincent we would always make contact and link up on the radio or on the street. We have kept the friendship going and he would always tease me with the nick-name, but being the decent person he was, would always address me formally with title etc. I have great respect for Glenn.

There’s never anything that can be said that will make it better. We are hoping for a swift end to the investigation with justice being served.

We as Vincies and the Caribbean community at large will sadly miss Glenn. During these days of mourning let us uphold the bereaved family in our prayers. This is not the time to speculate and gossip as some would love to do. There is no doubt that there will be wild, useless talk, but, Vincy people, we are better than that, we are Hairoun people, “Land of Blessed.” Let us live up to our name and be a support structure to the bereaved family at this time. Our nation needs healing, our nation needs to return to prayer.

On behalf of the Salvation Army in Suriname, our deepest sympathy goes out to the immediate and extended Jackson family.

Kervin C.Harry