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March 24, 2006

Glenn instilled discipline in me

EDITOR: As an ex NCO of the SVG Army Cadet Force, I could not hold back the tears when I was informed by my wife Simone of the death of a very conscientious servant of our Island – Glenn Jackson. Most regrettably, I realized that I will never have a chance to thank him for the opportunity, discipline and mental strength he instilled in me as a youth. {{more}}

I first met Mr. Jackson when I was twelve years old, at a cadet training camp held at the Marriaqua Secondary School. About eight of us (youngsters then) were admiring the cadets guarding the camp with their long firearms, and I automatically wished I was a cadet. While in admiration, Glenn Jackson approached the gate, and I asked if I could join. “You must be in high school first!” he replied. He took me to the kitchen and gave me a chicken leg. I reached for my mouth but was interrupted by a slap to my hand. “ Eat it when you get outside,” he ordered. Glenn escorted me back to the gate, where I felt like a king rejoining my buddies with a chicken leg in my hand.

That day marked the prelude of my military/paramilitary career. The following week, I began organizing many of the youth of Cane End, Marriaqua into military groups. I used cardboard to create caps, and chevrons. I used empty paint cans, plastic, and rubber to build marching drums. I issued ranks to my buddies and marched them up and down the village — all because of Glenn Jackson’s influence.

The first thing I did when I entered secondary school, was to join the SVG Cadet Force. Lt. Glenn Jackson was one of the officers greatly feared by many – he took no short cuts. I then became a police officer before joining the United States Army. I have received many awards and recommendations for excellent discipline throughout my military/paramilitary career – all because of Glenn’s influence

To his — especially kids, and family, I extend to you on behalf of my family, our greatest sympathy, and I pray that the citizens of St. Vincent strongly assist in bringing to justice those who are especially prepared to kill other human beings with barbarity and ferocity.

David Emil Tesheira of Cane End Mesopotamia, residing in Maryland, USA.

David is currently completing his Masters of Science Degree at the Johns Hopkins University School of Professional Studies in Business and Education.