Our Readers' Opinions
March 24, 2006

Dr. John stands out

EDITOR: Like him or loathe him there’s no doubt that Dr. Kenneth John is the top newspaper columnist in St. Vincent. His ‘This Week’ is a – ‘Must Read’ and the one they all have to beat for the title. This Week is the only column that stimulates reactions from readers, other writers and columnists.


I know some writers who have been writing for many years but never seem to evoke any sort of comment. We must ask: Does anyone read them? There’s where Dr John has the other columnists well beaten.

I find some of the other columnists very boring. They never seem to write anything of importance.

I’ve been reading The Vincentian for fifty years and I can name several good writers – past and present.

I remember G C H Thomas, Edgie Richards, Bucky Boyea, Joyce Peters, Nora Peacock. Patmost Richards, Dr Vivian Childs, R J O’Garro still make interesting contributions to the papers.

How can we forget the late P C Hughes; his fearless contribution is sorely missed. He said what others were thinking but were too afraid to say or write about. And – according to him he was writing for free. His was a great loss.

Bassy usually has something to say but it’s a waste of time and talent trying to create his own language to say it. If he had told his stories in cartoon strips, I would have kept every issue.

Can’t think of anyone else really, so the accolade of ‘Top columnist’ goes to Dr Kenneth John.

Avil Cupid