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January 20, 2006
Is there any difference?

by R. Andrew Cummings

Is there any difference between today and ancient times in our human and political values and nature? After all, modern day life with its cutting edge renderings of Science, Technology, Music, Art, Cultural refinement and education is supposed to have a superior, uplifting and civilizing effect on humankind. The resulting enriched mind blots out the instinctive savagery of old while providing a sanctuary for nobility and virtue. That is the theory. But does it bear any relationship to the living realities? {{more}}

Comparative Analysis – Fingerprints

I very recently stumbled upon a comparative analysis of two ancient political warriors. I could comfortably transplant it to the modern environment. The unchanging nature of our human and political nature was confirmed.

Writing of their political personalities, the author draws the following distinction: ” One holds forth with colourful passion, panache and wised up political savvy grounded in an astute political mind. The other deliberates, spares and reserves until he reconciles the contemplation of his action with his speculative opinions. One professes to travel on the moral high road, the other on the road of political necessity. Each seems to lack what is best in the other and a possession of which would make each perfect.” Does that comparison ring an echoing bell in you? Are the political fingerprints of yesteryear still glowing today?

No Greater Political Truth

There is no greater truth than to say that in the contest called “Politics” the superior politician usually wins. He sees political life through plain glass expecting nothing better from life than life can give. The soul, mind and spirit which inhabit our modern- era political supermen were forged centuries ago and still remain faithful to the mould. Religion and morality have little or no role to play save for their political value.

Has life really changed? How do our enhanced Science, Technology, Culture, Spirituality and all that chime in with the hard reality? Your answer is as good as mine! But then in so many ways you and I are also transplants. That is our human nature!