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January 13, 2006

Can we in SVG rise up to overcome our egos

EDITOR: Presently this country is facing the greatest test it may ever face. We are not just undergoing a test of patience or a test of courage or a test of faith.

The real test is between unity and divisiveness and from this test we will know whether we can ever get even near to the road of greatness and making this country an enviable one.{{more}}

Division is not peculiar to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and it is not evil in itself. When it breeds hatred and results in destructive acts, then we know that we are dealing with satanic embryos, capable of destroying all with whom they come into contact.

Presently we are looking at the CSME and a situation where we hope that competition will sharpen our skills and ideas and make our goods and services better and better.

But the divisiveness that comes out of our political parties have not made us better but made us small minded, shrinking our intellect and bloating our egos. It has ushered in an ‘end justifies the means’ policy, made us unable to discover the difference between perception and the deception as we grasp the shadow for the substance.

The destructive evil that stalks our land at this time is no respecter of persons. It does not respect life, or property. It is a law unto itself and as such it creates more and more horror and despair.

It is a time to close ranks and meet it head on or we will continue to see the quality of our lives deteriorate as fear fills our minds and undermines our achievements.

Can we now rise to overcome our egos, our blind irrational hatred of one another? Will we be able to put differences and dislikes aside or will we, with stiff necks, walk blindly into our own destruction?

Ernesto Cooke