Our Readers' Opinions
January 6, 2006

Thanks to members of vincycrew.com

Editor: Please allow me space to thank some dedicated members. About eight months ago, our online community, which comprises Vincentians at home and around the world, was left without a home when the situation changed at our initial ‘spot’.

Vincycrew.com was born. Ever since we’ve been the fastest growing Vincentian community online. On December 7, we followed the elections live while we discussed and analyzed the results. {{more}} We sometimes heard it first, even before many Vincentians who are on the ground in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

Our members have been dedicated contributors to the development of our country and for this, I’d like to thank them. Every day, we follow and discuss the issues facing our country. Our country is one that we love dearly and even though our locations around the world span several different time zones, we still find the time to be in tune with the happenings at home through vincycrew.com.

We are approaching the close of another year and we are looking forward to bigger things come next year. We will continue to engage in socio-political discussions and debates that are intended for our development and our unification as Vincentians.

Thanks to members of the crew for making it what it is today and we invite all Vincentians, at home and abroad, with online access to join us.