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December 16, 2005
Sad Days Ahead

EDITOR: As I listened to the election results, I was in awe as to what I was hearing. How could Vincentians vote the ULP Party back into power? My beloved Hairoun is fast becoming like many of the African countries where their leaders do anything on their path to gain power and control. {{more}}

For those of you who voted for the ULP Party, what has the Government done over the last four years to move the Country forward? Please enlighten me. I would love to know. Islands as small as S.V.G. with such huge crime and unemployment rates, senseless poverty, extraordinarily high incidence of domestic violence against women and incest against children, and a substandard Health care System-tell me what have the ULP done in the last four years?

Wake up, Vincentians! See with eyes of faith and not with eyes of greed, hate and envy. Our Children are our future! Any Government that does not have the children, youth and the people’s interests at heart should not be in Government. When one chooses to become a Politician, he or she chooses to be a servant of the people-not the power of the people.

I am for any political party in St. Vincent that will promote Democracy in the true sense of the word and who has the people’s interests at heart. I am not for any political party that promotes Communist ideology and prides itself on victimizing, threatening and bribing people-just to get votes. The leader of the ULP refers to himself as a king and a Christian. If this is so, then he should be behaving like the true King Jesus who went about with his disciples doing good and not tearing people down. My homework for the king and his disciples is to read the Gospels in the Bible and take away two important virtues: humility and laying one’s life down to save another.

People of SVG, it is time you vote a political party into power who will move the country forward, not backward as such is the case at present. If we continue down this path, as I clearly stated, these indeed will be the saddest days. Ann-Marie Lee-Wilkins RN, BS, PCM