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November 25, 2005

‘Giving thanks for the fulfillment of prophecy’

EDITOR: InI Sons and Daughters of HIS MAJESTY are giving thanks for the fulfillment of prophecy and the making of history involving our country SVG, our P.M. and the NIABINGHI Rastafari family.

It has been a long cry for freedom, liberty and reparation from the people of African descent, after being taken from our heaven home and brought to the Carri-be-on (Caribbean), through shackled slavery under the hands of Britain and ROME. There was always resistance against this inhuman act against Humanity.{{more}}

In the 19th Century there was a young African brother born in St. Ann’s, Jamaica whom the world today knows as the right Hon. Marcus-Mosiah Garvey. He organized the largest Mass Movement of his day, known as the U.N.I.A, he also made the statement “Africa for the Africans”. He also saw the return to the Continent as crucial, hence the chant “Africa await its creator”, for InI know of the rape and the under development of Africa by Europe. In 1927, Marcus Garvey echoed the cry, “Look to Africa Where Would Be A King Crowned, He Would Be The Redeemer Of The Black Race”. Three years later, 2nd November 1930, Ras-Tafari Makonnen was Coronated in-full Solomonic Splendor as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, Light of the World, Haile Selassie I First.

This brought a further development in the Liberation Movement from which the Rastafari movement emerged as a continuation of the Garvey Ideals, proclaiming Rastarfari as the Christ in his Kingly character (Pslm 87, Acts 2:29-30, Rev 5:5). From that time the call for repatriation was very strong amongst the Rases but such cries were not heeded by the then Governments of Jamaica and the rest of the region where the black consciousness was. I must let it be known that the knowledge of Ethiopia and its significance was also in SVG since the 1930’s when Italy invaded Ethiopia. In 1935, there was a letter written by a schoolteacher named Lora Hendrickson of Stoney Grounds acknowledging the Sovereignty and Divinity of King Rastafari. Also in 1935, there was an uprising here in SVG, October 21, in which one of the leaders took the name Haile Selassie, which shows us the close connection with SVG and the mother land.

InI this land SVG as Rases holding to our African heritage with the acknowledgement of the Divinity of his Majesty as the Almighty in Flesh, we also hold fast to Theocracy which is Divine Law rule, the Almighty is the head of InI Government, Iniversal.

On October 17, 2005, the P.M., his wife, his son, Jimmy Prince of A.P.I., Elsworth John – the Ambassador to the O.A.S and four brethren from the NIABINGHI ORDER, Ras O.T., Ras ImanI, Ras Izarus and Ras Nigel visited Ethiopia, the cradle of civilization (Gen. 2:13) on an official diplomatic visit. Government to Government, it was the Rastafari Government, SVG Government with the Ethiopian Government in a trilateral agreement.

It is the first time in the History of the Caribbean that a P.M. has taken Rases on an official delegation to Ethiopia. It is also historic that a Head of State in the Caribbean has given such credence to our Rastafari movement, which is the down trodden of the world. All this was done in SVG and by the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Dr. Ralph Gonsalves through the great and mighty power of the prime mover the almighty creator, Haile Selassie-I First. It’s like in the ancient days of Ezra and Nehemiah, when King Cyrus and Darius made a decree for the children of Israel to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem that were broken down by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon.

InI are blessed and count ourselves very privileged to be a part of the whole working toward the opening of the door towards repatriation to our father and mother land, which is the fulfillment of prophecy (Isa. 43:6-7). InI mission to Ethiopia brought great benefits to the whole Rastafari family, firstly in SVG the trod to Ethiopia becomes much easier through the fact of the VISA Communiqué between both countries. Secondly, the families in Ethiopia who were facing various problems of ownership of lands and official status there, these problems are being addressed.

The P.M. of Ethiopia even stated that his Government is going to make a law in the parliament safeguarding the rights of the Rases in Ethiopia, by offering them special privileges because of the contribution the Rases have made over the years, keeping Ethiopia alive in the minds of InI people in the Diaspora.

So it is true to say that the mission was much more than partisan, politically oriented even though politics played an important role in the whole scheme of things.

Our Perfect Love