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November 18, 2005

Ten reasons why I can’t vote for the NDP

Editor: The country will vote on December 7, 2005, and there are a few people here and there who are still undecided as to who should get that all-important ballot.

Madam Editor, for me the choice is clear. I cannot support the New Democratic Party, and I have ten reasons which I want to share with my fellow voters, why my ballot will go to Comrade Ralph and the Unity Labour Party.{{more}}

1. The Ottley Hall Inquiry. I want to know what went wrong with this project, if there was any wrongdoing and who was responsible. Someone must be made to pay for this tomfoolery which has left a millstone around our necks, and has retarded the progress of the country.

2. The Education Revolution. After seventeen years the NDP could not address many of the problems affecting education in the country. After four and a half years the ULP has done more to correct the situation. They deserve to continue the process.

3. Housing. The NDP never built a low income housing scheme in the 17 years, but look what we have in four and a half years, low income houses all over the country. The process is still to be

completed, and the ULP deserves the chance to do so.

4. The Economy. Despite the ranting and raving of the Leader of the Opposition, the country has prospered. Poverty is down and employment is on the increase. If you add to this that our commercial banks now hold EC$1.4 billion in savings, then you will see where I am coming from. More kudos for the ULP government.

5. Leadership. How can anyone compare Comrade Ralph with Arnhim Eustace? This is like chalk to cheese, and it is so obvious that there is no need to talk about this.

6. The International Airport. After 17 years the NDP could not even begin the process of constructing an International Airport. Here is the ULP producing a plan after four and a half years, and they deserve to see the process to completion.

7. Title deeds for lands. After 17 years a number of Vincentians now have titles to their lands, and they can go to the bank and do business. My cousin is included in this group and I cannot tell you how happy she is.

8. National Literacy Crusade. Suddenly, after 17 years, Vincentians who missed the boat in terms of education, can catch up with their reading and writing skills, through this programme. The ULP is better by far.

9. International Relations. The ULP has an outstanding record in its foreign policy. Just take a look at what it has brought us, the bridge over the Dry River, more scholarships from Mexico and Cuba, the Cross Country road, the hatchery, the coconut water bottling plant, the dasheen vacuum packing plant, the learning resource centres and more and more…. Clearly the ULP is better by far.

10. Choice of candidates. Let’s face it, despite all the talk about degrees and masters and doctorates, the ULP slate of candidates is better than the NDP, by far. Two words sum it all up, and these are character and integrity. No church stoners, no persons who issue bounce checks and so forth. Thank you, ULP and thank you, Comrade Ralph for the best four years in the history of development in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. As they say, one good term deserves another, and we Will give the ULP a second term in office.

ULP Faithful