Our Readers' Opinions
November 18, 2005
Is the ability to feed our nation in question?

How can a small island state of 150 sq. miles, with a population of 120 000 people, be rich in volcanic soil excellent for agriculture with an abundance of fresh water and an unpolluted 150 sq. miles of sea area (Economic Zone) yet the ability to feed our nation is in question?{{more}}

Fresh fish, a food source high in protein and a necessity in the sustenance of a healthy human being, is scarce in St. Vincent and to an extent in the Grenadines as well.

Poultry, you say, but what are the implications of tranpandemics to our small shores; this includes mad cow and bird flu. Other food items are scarce whether seasonal as in green peas and sorrell or available year-round, notably eggs which in the next month (December) will also be scarce.

Think about it, how are we going to survive as a people if we cannot holistically sustain ourselves as a nation. “How can we?”

Andre’ Francois