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November 11, 2005
Close to the end for Arnhim Eustace

EDITOR: When former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell handed over the leadership of the New Democratic Party, NDP, and also the entire nation to Arnhim Eustace on Independence Day 2000, he made an error – a serious lapse in judgement.

Eustace, first, was inexperienced and, secondly, he had won his seat by less than fifty votes.{{more}}

That I am sure was a factor in the severe beating the ND, took five months later at the polls, losing 3 to 12, with Arnhim again barely making it.

Since then Arnhim Eustace has shown no real signs of leadership except to engage in gutter politics, stooping to name calling and boycotting Parliament.

After the next election in which Mr. Eustace will be beaten by Julian Francis of the ULP, the NDP, again in opposition, will choose a new leader and attempt to be useful in Parliament where the people’s business is done.

As Eustace fades away he will have only himself to blame, because indeed, he was given a chance to serve.

Ken Wyllie (USA)