Our Readers' Opinions
October 14, 2005
ULP and the next election

EDITOR: Our Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, on many occasions said he is the only person who knows when the next General Elections will be called.

However, despite that, it seems both the Unity Labour Party (the ULP) and the New Democratic Party (the NDP) are showing a state of readiness. We are seeing and hearing launchings of candidates all over St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

For the last four-and-a-half (41/2) years, the NDP seemed to have been preparing themselves and also, they have been very critical of the ULP’s manner of Governance, but I think low income housing, education, the proposed international airport and the Constitutional Review Commission are ‘GOOD’, however I think the Cross Country Road should be put on hold.

There is rumour of a feasibility study and environmental impact study that goes against the cross country road, so why do we want to continue with such a project if it will not be in the country’s interest?

Let us not forget to put country before party.

If one is to assess the ULP while in government, he/she should go back to the manifesto. I think the ULP has a good chance of re-election, but I am seriously hoping we don’t see a repetition of 1989. I doubt it will happen because people in the Grenadines are too loyal to the NDP, thank God.

The NDP has selected some excellent candidates like Daniel Cummings, Major St. Claire Leacock, Linton Lewis, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Balcombe, Mr. Daniel and Mr. Horne along with those that were there before, and all of them have a high probability of succeeding in the next general elections. But the NDP seems to be having some problems in placing candidates.

Is Mr. Eustace unable to say who he thinks should be given a chance, or is he afraid if they win he will not be able to control guys like Cummings, Lewis and Leacock?

Whatever happens, the NDP is going to win seats like East Kingstown, Central Kingstown, West Kingstown, the two Grenadines seats, North Leeward, South Leeward, probably West St. George and I have my fingers crossed and will put my money on several others in favour of the NDP.

In conclusion, I am hoping that whenever election is called, the leaders of both the NDP and the ULP will ask their supporters to desist from violence. I would like to see a good campaign, and I am urging the politicians to deal with issues.

Please put our country first! May God bless us all in these tough times.

Kingsley DeFreitas