Our Readers' Opinions
October 14, 2005
Quality of health care in SVG at risk

Editor: If one is not politically biased and if one speaks as a true patriotic Vincentian, we would agree that the government has done well. However, there is an area of concern to many Vincentians, both here and abroad, and that has to do with the idea of exporting doctors to South Africa.

I realize that it is expensive to pay the salaries of so many doctors. I was made to understand that some eight doctors were employed last year to complement those already practising. It has cost the government close to $500,000 yearly to pay the salaries of these eight doctors, besides those already employed. {{more}}

However, in our island there is need for more doctors. The Accident and Emergency department needs more doctors so that patients can be dealt with faster. Chateaubelair and other out-district Hospitals should have more than one resident doctor so as to improve the health care system. Thus, sending doctors away to work will limit the number of doctors available. This situation will then put lots of strain on those present and can reduce the quality of health care given to Vincentians.

It is therefore important that the government find some means of obtaining funds so as to increase the number of doctors present in the various departments of the general hospital and the out-district hospitals.

Mr. Prime Minister, your party will remain in office for a long time if health care is improved. On the other hand if exporting doctors causes a deterioration in the quality of health care in this country, then your party will suffer. Think carefully and act wisely.

Kennard King