Our Readers' Opinions
October 7, 2005

Parties must desist from mud-slinging

EDITOR: The SVG Green Party is calling on Politicians and platform speakers from both the ULP and the NDP parties to desist from the shameful and repugnant mud-slinging. The SVG Green Party will not encourage nor tolerate any form of mud-slinging in the political campaign for the up-coming general elections. {{more}}

The SVG Green Party is here to set the standard of debate in the political arena at an acceptable level.

We should adopt a positive attitude and discuss the pros and cons of the socio-economic issues of our country. Make meaningful and informed criticisms but, more importantly, offer viable solutions to our problems.

We must remember always that as politicians we must set a good example and that we are here to serve and not to rule.

We must be focused, disciplined, determined and have faith in order to achieve our country’s goals and objectives to provide a high quality of life and a good standard of living for all our people.

Ivan O’Neal, BSc (Hons), MSc, MBA, Leader and Co-Founder SVG Green Party and Ordan O. Graham, Diploma Electronic Technology, Former Teacher, General Secretary, SVG Green Party