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September 16, 2005
Don’t kill the goose

Editor: Many thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Transport, Works and Housing and by extension, the Area Representative for giving some attention to the cleaning of the North Leeward Highway.

The Express Mail service by the Postal Corporation is indeed a good move and they should be complimented. However, there is need for an explanation as to why parcels are no longer collected at some rural post offices.{{more}}

For years some of these Post Offices received parcels. This was indeed very convenient for many persons, but some time now this has changed without a proper explanation. Imagine a very small parcel that weighs less than five pounds has to be collected in Kingstown.

Is it that the post-mistresses are incompetent or maybe they can’t be trusted. Or maybe they felt that they were not charging enough money for parcels?

I sincerely wish that a reasonable explanation be given and that when parcels are collected at the General Post Office in Kingstown that reasonable prices be charged. After all you can’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

Kennard King