Our Readers' Opinions
September 2, 2005
Vigour Now, should be next revolution

Editor: By the way we have another Revolution to sort out. I understand lots of our men are losing it from the waist down (prostate).

We can’t afford to have this happening. Our guys need to rise up and stay up. What shall we call this one? We have Vision Now, this one would be – not Viagra – but “Vigor Now.” We say stand firm. In this case I say a firm stand.{{more}}

It has been said that one good deed deserves another, and I really believe this. I have a token for Dr. Gonsalves and his team and I ask that all who have never supported the ULP to join with us and fulfill the desire of his heart as a token of thanks and gratitude – i.e. to stand firm with them for another term and let him go home and spend the rest of his time with his grandchildren. That’s his wish.

In St Mark Chapter 10 verse 46-51 when the Lord said to blind Bartimus “thy faith had made thee whole,” his eyes were opened and was able to see. What did he do? Verse 51 he followed Jesus. That is the spiritual part of it. The physical part is for us to do likewise – follow. That should be the element of this revolution.