Our Readers' Opinions
August 19, 2005
Are things going from bad to worse?

EDITOR: My reason for writing this letter is to draw your attention to some pressing issues that are facing our people (land), which if not dealt with urgently may aid in charting a destructive path for our nation. Though many are aware of these happenings, I would just highlight a few that need urgent attention.

The issue of Cable TV – while it may have brought some good to our land, there are a few channels that are causing havoc among many of our people (family) especially the youth – mainly, B.E.T (Black Entertainment Television) and some other channels with pornography tucked in. While this may be entertaining to some, it can also be a snare that can ruin individuals and families alike.{{more}}

It is degrading to know that in this beautiful country that God has so blessed and cares for; that our children in the absence of parents etc. could by the flick of a button be exposed to pornography at its rawest state. This can have grave consequences for our people and the nation in years to come.

B.E.T channel (the so-called entertainment channel) is not only absurd to look at but it has been trapping many of our people into a culture (lifestyle) that is most degrading especially with our youths and such could be reflected by the way many of them walk in the streets(their body movements, speech etc).

Another issue is that of cursing indecent language “bad words” in our nation – This seems to be reeling out of control to the point where many of our people look at the issue with a…’well’ attitude but as a servant of the Lord, I warn, if this is not addressed urgently, it will have grave consequences on the spiritual and moral values of our land.

It is sad when young school children etc. could openly curse some of the most “nasty” words in front of adults (elderly) even in the public and such action is treated as the “norm”, I believe that it is time that this issue be addressed speedily.

This practice seems to have cultivated in our nation to the point where it has invaded many of our work places (especially on construction sites). Please remember that many God-fearing people work in these areas also and are “vexed” not only by the curse words but in some places “weed” smoking which continues to be a menace not only in the workplace but on the streets of Kingstown and elsewhere.

Solution: While I realise that there is no ‘quick fix’ to these problems, I believe that a few church leaders and community leaders can come together (by the help of God) and arrange a meeting with the police chief or some other in authority and see how best we can deal with these problems that have infested our land.

In conclusion, while there are many other pressing issues that are facing our nation e.g. the ungodly manner in which many of the mini bus operators treat the travelling public e.g. the way many of them bombard us with their “nasty” loud, violent music (some of which they play via radio) and many of them seem to target the school children and so compete for them – “and this is no joke.” Many of the fighters (against this evil practice) seem to just give in and succumb to this snare and for those who live at far distances and have no choice but to use the transportation system for daily commute. I am sure that after a hard day’s work, many would like to relax and enjoy the ride home without being bombarded with such noise but it seems impossible to get such relaxation if you don’t have your own vehicle.

I must let you know that certain types of music are powerful tools used to spread sexual immorality, promiscuity, violence, gangs, rape, murder and the list goes on.

The Word of God declares in Proverbs 14 v 34 – Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

I believe that it is not too late to restore order on the public transportation system (and other areas mentioned) like has been done in some other countries.

I believe it’s time that we as a people whom God has blessed so richly rise up and take a stand against these and other unrighteous issues in our land lest reproach come upon our land (us).

Andrew Soleyn